Fully trained and equipped DG pool techs service and repair all brand-name pool equipment. From cleaning and chemical to installation and maintenance—DG Pool Supply and service certified experts take the work out of owning a pool. So call your neighborhood pool care experts, and let us take care of the rest. 


Customized Pool Service Plans To Fit Every Budget

Weekly Service for Pools 

  • Liquid Chlorine shock and stabilized tablets

  • Manual brushing and skimming

  • Manual vacuum touch-up (as needed)

  • Test water (calcium/stabilizer monthly)

  • Clean filter as needed

  • Empty pump & skimmer baskets

  • Shock pool, adjust chlorine level, pH, total alkalinity, and add algaecide

If It’s Broken, We Fix It 

From replacing parts to repairing leaks, our fully trained and equipped techs are here to promptly diagnose and solve problems with pools, systems and all brand-name equipment. Our techs can also provide guidance on proper care of pools and spas, taking the worry out of pool maintenance.

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