Inground Pool Light Cost & Other Common Lighting Questions

Inground Pool Light Cost & Other Common Lighting Questions

Posted by Dr Chlorine on Nov 16th 2020

If you’re considering an inground pool, you are probably also considering installing an underwater pool light. As we work with hundreds of folks throughout Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia each year, we have the opportunity to answer tons of questions about pool lighting. In this article, we’re going to tackle some of the most popular inground pool lighting questions we receive on a daily basis.

Lighting your pool lets you swim at night with multicolored ambient light. LED pool lights allow you to change colors with a flip of a switch. In-pool lights must be installed during construction. Smaller LED lights cost $700–$900 installed, and fiber optics cost $1,300–$1,700. The only required maintenance is replacing the bulb

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes, illuminated by the movement of electrons within a semiconductor material.

LEDs have no filaments, so they emit no heat.

LEDs also change colors and have several light show settings.

LED bulbs have a very long life span…about 30,000 hours compared to the 5,000 hours of the incandescent and the 6,000 hours fiber optics. That's the equivalent of SIX incandescent replacements and FIVE fiber optic replacements.

Incandescents work by electrical current passing through a wire, known as filament, to heat up. The filament glows, producing the bright light associated with an incandescent bulb.

The first disadvantage of incandescent bulbs is that in order to change color, a colored lens must be placed over the pool light inside the pool. This was fine twenty years ago, but a bit antiquated today.

Second, the bulb life is much shorter than that of LED bulbs.

In short, yes they are extremely safe, so long as they are installed according to manufacturer’s specifications and compliant with local building codes.

Modern pool lights, installed correctly, are virtually risk free.

Well, we hope you have found this informative, and wish you the best of luck in your efforts to find the right pool light for you.

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